Samsung Introduces Revolutionary AI-Enhanced Home Solutions

Tech firms are reshaping the ordinary with the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) into our daily routines. By capitalizing on AI already prevalent in smartphones and laptops, brands like Samsung are now unveiling AI-infused home solutions to elevate user interaction and cultivate intelligent living environments.

The most recent offering from Samsung, the Bespoke Home Appliances collection, is a set of state-of-the-art products equipped with AI features and advanced connectivity. Among them, a standout is the refrigerator with AI-powered vision that can identify over 30 food items and suggest recipes. Additionally, there is an air conditioner with remote control via geo-fencing technology, a microwave tailored for preparing health-conscious meals, and a washing machine that adapts its cycles based on users’ laundry patterns.

These appliances not only boast cutting-edge technology but also seamlessly integrate into smart home setups. With features like built-in Wi-Fi, smart cameras, and high-performance chipsets, users can effortlessly oversee and regulate these devices using the SmartThings app. The application offers extra utilities such as guiding users on filter replacements and enabling professional upkeep services.

Samsung’s Bespoke AI appliances are propelled by the Bixby AI voice assistant and are designed to be compatible with other voice assistants, enhancing user accessibility and ease of use.

A notable feature of these AI-powered appliances is their energy-efficient attributes. According to Samsung, the AI Energy Mode can lead to energy savings of up to 10% in refrigerators, 20% in air conditioners, and as much as 70% in washing machines.

JB Park, President & CEO of Samsung Southwest Asia, expresses enthusiasm about the debut of Bespoke AI and its potential to reshape household lifestyles while endorsing environmental sustainability through reduced energy consumption.

This is not the initial foray by Samsung into the realm of AI-driven smart home gadgets. Earlier this year, the company showcased its intelligent washing machine and dryer duo at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

With the worldwide launch of these AI-powered devices, Samsung aims to bolster its revenue share from AI home appliances in India significantly. Saurabh Baishakhia, Senior Director of Digital Appliances at Samsung India, unveiled the company’s ambitious objective of deriving 70% of its digital appliances division revenue from Bespoke AI products by the close of 2025.

As tech corporations continue investing in AI and smart home technologies, the forthcoming landscape of daily living appears promising with appliances that not only streamline our chores but also conform to our requirements and contribute to a more sustainable standard of living.

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