LG Uplus Achieves Marketing Milestones with In-House AI “ixi”

LG Uplus Transforms Advertising with Innovative AI

LG Uplus has recently revealed significant strides in its advertising efficiency and customer engagement, thanks to its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) platform named ‘ixi.’ This breakthrough AI technology has successfully trimmed down the ad message creation process to a mere third of the time it previously took, while concurrently enhancing customer interaction rates by a striking 140%.

ixi Production: Leading the AI-Driven Marketing Revolution

The telecommunications giant unfolded these advancements during an online press briefing titled “AX (Artificial Intelligence Transformation) Era, Growing with ixi: U+Marketing.” Earlier this year, the ixi Production project was launched to spearhead the transformation of the company’s entire marketing spectrum toward a focal point on AI innovation. LG Uplus has remained at the forefront, developing customer-facing AI services while also refining their in-house AI to analyze customers and craft personalized advertisements.

From Concept to Execution in Days

Traditionally, customer analysis for marketing campaigns could stretch up to three months, encompassing steps from initial target setting to result interpretation. With the advent of the company’s internally developed Target Insight model, LG Uplus modernized the customer analysis process with AI, accomplishing tasks in as short as two days that formerly could take up to three months, markedly increasing the effectiveness of targeting by up to fivefold.

The Dawn of the AI Copywriter

Implementing the ‘AI Copywriter,’ LG Uplus effectively utilizes AI to deliver messages that resonate positively with targeted customers. This technological capability resulted from the analysis and AI learning process from over 140,000 customer messages. During a trial run of the AI Copywriter, LG Uplus observed a significant reduction in message creation time and a 140% surge in customer response rates.

AI Beyond Marketing

Leveraging generative AI, the company has also expanded its use in creative endeavors. LG Uplus designed a completely AI-produced TV advertisement, realizing a 40% cost reduction and 70% time savings. Moreover, the innovative AI Wallpaper service was showcased, allowing customers to instantly receive on-the-spot AI-generated smartphone background images through direct input.

LG Uplus aims to continue enhancing customer experiences with various AI-powered services, signifying its commitment to grow alongside its customers in the Age of AI.

Relevance of In-House AI Development

An important aspect that the article does not mention is the strategic advantage that in-house AI development like “ixi” offers to LG Uplus. By developing proprietary AI technology, LG Uplus can ensure that its AI is tailored to its specific business needs and customer profiles, giving it a competitive edge over generic AI solutions. Additionally, in-house AI development allows for better integration with existing systems and data protection, as the AI operates within the company’s secure infrastructure.

Key Questions and Answers

What is the significance of the name “ixi” for LG Uplus’s AI platform?

The article does not specify why the platform is named “ixi,” but it can be inferred that the name could be a branding decision to give the technology a unique identity within the tech community.

How does LG Uplus’s AI platform compare to other AI tools available on the market?

While the article mentions the success of “ixi,” it does not provide a detailed comparison with other AI marketing tools. LG Uplus’s proprietary AI is likely tailored to the telecom industry and their specific customer base, whereas other tools might be more generic or aimed at different industries.

What are some potential ethical considerations when using AI for targeted advertising?

AI in targeted advertising raises questions about privacy and data protection. It’s important for companies to ensure that their AI respects users’ consent and is in compliance with regulatory standards like GDPR or CCPA.

Key Challenges and Controversies

One key challenge associated with the use of AI in marketing is ensuring privacy and ethical use of customer data. There is always a risk of backlash if customers feel their data is being used without proper consent or in a way that invades their privacy. Additionally, there is the question of job displacement, as AI platforms like ixi may reduce the need for human copywriters and analysts.


– Increased efficiency in ad production and customer targeting.
– Personalization of customer communication, leading to higher engagement rates.
– Cost savings in advertising production.
– Ability to rapidly scale marketing efforts.


– Potential job displacement for marketing professionals and copywriters.
– Risk of ethical issues related to the use of customer data.
– Reliance on AI could lead to vulnerabilities if the system were to fail or be compromised.

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