iGenius Soars as Italy Welcomes a New AI Unicorn

Italy celebrates the ascent of a new tech unicorn in the form of iGenius, a Milanese company founded in 2016 by visionary leader Uljan Sharka. The deep-tech firm has joined the billion-dollar valuation club, following in the footsteps of other high-achievers such as Satispay, Scalapay, and Bending Spoons. With this leap, iGenius takes the crown as the foremost Italian AI trailblazer, emulating French and German pioneers Mistral and DeepL, respectively.

Raising a formidable 650 million euros in a recent funding round, the company now stands on the precipice of a pre-money valuation at 1.05 billion euros—thanks in no small part to strategic investments by Angel Capital Management led by Angelo Moratti and Eurizon Asset Management, part of the banking giant Intesa Sanpaolo. The ambitious goal now is to scale even higher walls, aiming for a 1.7-billion-euro valuation as talks with prospective investors are already underway.

iGenius has developed “Italia”, an AI Large Language Model trained on Bologna’s supercomputer Leonardo. It is tailor-made to bolster both the public sector and private enterprises within Italy, promising unprecedented levels of data security and integrity. Such dedication to reliable and scalable AI solutions has not only attracted Fortune 500 clientele but also garnered recognition from Gartner as a Cool Vendor in AI Core Technologies. With the CEO Sharka recently hinting at just the beginning of their journey, iGenius is leveraging this fresh capital infusion to chart a course toward even grander horizons.

Relevant Additional Facts:

– The achievement of unicorn status by iGenius highlights the growing importance of AI technology and innovative start-ups in the global economy.
– Italy, traditionally known for its contributions to fashion and design, is making strides in the technology sector, signaling a diverse and developing economy.
– Achieving “unicorn” status—a valuation of over $1 billion—usually signifies that a company has found a unique solution to a problem or has captured a significant portion of the market.
– The involvement of major investors like Angel Capital Management and Eurizon Asset Management suggests confidence in the prospects of iGenius and the AI sector in Italy.
– Training the AI Large Language Model “Italia” on the supercomputer Leonardo indicates a strong collaboration between industry and scientific research facilities in Italy.
– Recognition by Gartner as a Cool Vendor underscores the role of market analysis and certification in enhancing credibility and visibility in a tech company’s growth.

Important Questions and Answers:

What has driven iGenius’s rapid growth?
iGenius’s growth can be attributed to its innovative AI products, focus on data security, strategic partnerships, and investor confidence. Additionally, its recognition by industry analysts like Gartner would have played a role in validating its technology and business model.

How significant is iGenius’s unicorn status for Italy’s tech industry?
iGenius becoming a unicorn is substantial for Italy as it places the country on the global tech map alongside other nations boasting significant AI innovations. It may also inspire other Italian startups and attract more investments into the Italian tech sector.

Key Challenges or Controversies:

– One of the key challenges iGenius might face is maintaining its market position and innovation pace in a highly competitive and quickly evolving AI industry.
– As with all AI technologies, there is an ongoing controversy regarding user privacy and data security. iGenius will need to continuously address these concerns, especially as they expand.


– For Italy, the rise of a tech unicorn like iGenius enhances the tech ecosystem’s reputation and may lead to increased funding and support for other tech startups in the country.
– For iGenius, achieving unicorn status provides access to significant capital that can be used to accelerate product development, market expansion, and talent acquisition.


– The pressure to deliver continuous growth may push iGenius to take increased risks, which could impact the company’s long-term sustainability.
– Being in the spotlight, iGenius must also contend with greater scrutiny from investors, regulators, and the public as it scales up its operations.

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