Morgan State University Takes on AI Bias to Create Fairer Technologies

Researchers at Morgan State University’s Center for Equitable Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Systems (CEAMLS) have embarked on a mission to tackle the issue of bias in AI systems and develop technologies that promote fairness and equality. Launched in 2022, CEAMLS aims to address the root causes of bias in existing AI systems and create innovative solutions that mitigate this problem.

AI systems have become increasingly prevalent in various sectors, from finance and healthcare to law enforcement and recruitment. However, these technologies have been criticized for perpetuating bias and discrimination, as they often reflect the biases present in the data on which they are trained. This can result in unfair outcomes and reinforce societal inequalities.

To combat this issue, CEAMLS researchers are applying advanced analytics, machine learning, and natural language processing techniques to identify and understand biases in AI algorithms. By exploring the underlying causes of bias, they can develop strategies to eliminate or minimize these biases, ensuring that AI systems are fair and equitable.

However, the center’s work goes beyond just rectifying bias in existing systems. CEAMLS is dedicated to creating new technologies that are inherently fair and unbiased from the start. This means designing algorithms and models that are more inclusive, diverse, and representative of the populations they serve.

Through interdisciplinary collaborations, CEAMLS brings together experts from various fields such as computer science, social sciences, and ethics to provide comprehensive and holistic solutions. By fostering meaningful partnerships with industry leaders, policymakers, and community organizations, the center aims to drive meaningful change in the AI landscape.

Ultimately, CEAMLS at Morgan State University is striving to create a future where AI technologies are free from bias and promote fairness, equality, and social justice. Through innovative research, education, and advocacy, they are laying the groundwork for a more inclusive and equitable AI ecosystem.

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