iGenius Eyes Unicorn Status with €650M Funding Pursuit

Milan-based artificial intelligence pioneer iGenius is on a quest to amass substantial funding to propel itself into the realm of AI heavyweights. The company has its sights set on a hefty €650 million capital raise, aiming to achieve a commanding post-money valuation of approximately €1.7 billion, as revealed by CEO Uljan Sharka.

iGenius is playing its hand to join the European tech vanguard, alongside France’s Mistral AI and Germany’s DeepL, betting on the fervor of investments pouring into AI ventures. The company stands ready to challenge industry stalwarts such as Meta Platforms Inc. and Alphabet Inc., despite some experts suggesting the next wave of AI advancements may primarily stem from these existing tech giants.

The Italian startup is not just talking the talk; it has debuted “Italia,” an open-source, foundational large language model tailored for stakeholders in the financial sector. This product underlines iGenius’s commitment to innovation and bespoke AI solutions.

Securing an illustrious roster of supporters, iGenius boasts financial confidence with a pre-money valuation over €1 billion, backed by investors like Angel Capital Management and Eurizon Asset Management. Discussions with other potential financitors are actively underway to further cement the company’s financial foundation.

Providing services to high-profile clients such as Allianz SE and Intesa Sanpaolo SpA, iGenius is charting a path towards significant revenue expansion, targeting €20 million in annual recurring revenue by the end of 2024.

In a backdrop where Italy’s privacy regulations have impacted AI entities like OpenAI, iGenius’s ascent is all the more noteworthy, marking a bold stride in the European AI landscape.

Questions and Answers:

1. What is the goal of iGenius’s current funding round?
iGenius aims to raise €650 million in funding to achieve a post-money valuation of €1.7 billion.

2. How does iGenius plan to compete with major AI companies?
iGenius intends to compete by investing in innovation and by delivering specialized AI solutions like “Italia” for the financial sector.

3. Who are some of the high-profile clients of iGenius?
The company provides services to major firms such as Allianz SE and Intesa Sanpaolo SpA.

4. What is the company’s target for annual recurring revenue by the end of 2024?
iGenius targets to reach €20 million in annual recurring revenue by the end of 2024.

Key Challenges:

One of the key challenges for iGenius would be differentiating its offerings and proving its market relevance in a landscape dominated by larger and more established AI companies like Meta Platforms Inc. and Alphabet Inc. Additionally, iGenius must navigate the rigorous European and Italian privacy regulations that can often pose hurdles to technology and AI development.


There might be controversies related to how relatively new AI organizations like iGenius deal with ethical considerations of AI, data privacy, and the potential displacement of human jobs. Concerns may also arise regarding the transparency of AI algorithms and decision-making processes.


iGenius has the ability to provide tailored solutions for the financial sector, which can be a significant differentiator. Moreover, being based in Europe and focusing on European languages and businesses gives iGenius a potentially strong regional foothold. Securing substantial backing from investors shows confidence in the company’s future and its technology.


The AI field is highly competitive, and establishing a lead against tech giants will be a stern challenge for iGenius. Additionally, the need to continually innovate and offer cutting-edge solutions requires substantial continuous investment and talent acquisition.

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